Monday, July 5, 2010

Urban Decay Shadows dupes!!

My apologies for having abandoned you dear new workload combined with my stellar laziness  equates to a horrid product of nothingness...I promise to try to update at least every once in a while....
Anyway Urban decay eyeshadows...who loves them? I do!! The pigments are superb, the shimmer is lovely, and they've got good staying power!! (Provided you use the lovely Milk of Magnesia priming trick)! But they're so freaking expensive at $17 per pop. Working at Ulta SUCKED too - do you know how much of my paychecks went to these things?? Too much...let's leave it at that -__-

Luckily, there's a solution: the Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette. 88 eyeshadows for $19.95, many of which are Urban Decay copies! Oh China, how I love you and your knockoffs and dupes of everything...seriously I am all for buying these "copies" as more often than not, the original thing is made in China to begin with. So if anyone has the recipe to duplicate it, it's often those same factories. In fact, many of these factories who are told "I want you to make 10,000 of these Juicy Couture purses," simply make an extra 1,000 with the materials and sell them under the table for a fraction of the price of our greedy American corporations.

Ahem, as I was saying...a bulk of the shadows from this palette are Urban Decay knockoffs. As someone that owned some of the original Urban Decay shadows, I was shocked how similar these copies were to the originals...
*Props to  The Shadow Queen for the find.

1. Polyester Bride – Urban Decay
9. Scratch / Scandal  – Urban Decay
10. Half Baked  – Urban Decay
11. Vapor  – Urban Decay
13. Eldorado  – Urban Decay
14. Green Goddess  – Urban Decay
15. Shattered  – Urban Decay
19. Purple Haze  – Urban Decay, Grifter – Urban Decay
21. Maui Wowie  – Urban Decay
22. Uzi  – Urban Decay
25. Acid Rain  – Urban Decay
28. Speed  – Urban Decay
32. YDK  – Urban Decay, Chopper – Urban Decay
33. Strip  – Urban Decay
35. Honey  – Urban Decay
36. URB – Urban Decay
39. Flash – Urban Decay
44. S&M  – Urban Decay
45. Sin – Urban Decay, Kitten – Stila
46. Baked  – Urban Decay
47. Vert  – Urban Decay
48. Flipside  – Urban Decay
49. Mary Jane  – Urban Decay
50. Peace  – Urban Decay
51. Grifter  – Urban Decay
52. Fishnet – Urban Decay
54. Roach  – Urban Decay
56. Blunt  – Urban Decay
59. Protest / Mildew  – Urban Decay
61. Cobalt Blue / R Rated Duo – NARS
63. Last Call – Urban Decay
65. Toasted  – Urban Decay, Smog – Urban Decay
70. Absinthe / Graffiti  – Urban Decay
71. Tropic – NARS
72. Ransom
74. Last Call – Urban Decay
77. Twice Baked  – Urban Decay
86. Gash – Urban Decay
88. Oil Slick / Zero – Urban Decay