Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DSK heart necklace - DIY!!

Hello all! Whew finals are OVER!! The thing that makes me happiest about this is NO MORE MATH!! Nursing school starts January 11th. Until then I'll have plenty of blogging time ^__^

Has anyone ever heard of DSK Jewelry? They've got some gorgeous necklaces! My favorite was the Bubz necklace made famous by Bubbi who's kind of a youtube celebrity: didn't make it, I think DSK just named it after her. My dad's a jeweler (I know - lucky girl right!) so I see a lot of stuff and am particular about my jewelry, but I must say - I adore this piece! The Swarovski heart colors are striking, the little leaf bails on top give the pendants a delightful apple appearance (ah...the forbidden fruit), and even the chain itself catches the light so alluringly.

But I flipped at the price...a whopping $40.00?? The chain and bails are made from simple sterling silver...not platinum. I worked at a jewelry counter for a bit and knew such a  necklace couldn't be worth more than $20. So my hunt on how to replicate this necklace for a fraction of the cost began... DSK claims they've copyrighted the necklace, but the only copyright anything on their website is their images and website content. In addition, I highly doubt they'd be allowed to copyright such a simple necklace design.

If you'd like to replicate this necklace - here's what you'll need:
I'm sure you can figure out how to go about putting the pieces together yourself, but if not feel free to drop me a comment and I'll provide instructions. One last thing to add:  I love how Steph, the DSK owner, has renamed the crystal colors Titanic Blue and Purple Haze to prevent anyone from googling the crystals for personal purchase. I also find it funny that the second leaf prong bail is currently sold out - most likely also the reason DSK has sold out of necklaces and won't be making any more until after Christmas. Oh and PS - the total cost to create this necklace for yourself is around $18, meaning DSK makes around a $22 profit -  props to them for such profitable ingenuity.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Antishine primer prep for foundation/eyeshadow

Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER - between work, upcoming finals, and submitting all the necessary documents for NURSING SCHOOL (yes, i got in ^__^) I've had very little time!!

HOWEVER i have discovered THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. Many of you know how much I love Smashbox's "Anti-shine" - sort of a primer used on your t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) which when dried, somewhat tightens on your face sucking any oils or moisture out so that it's a perfect canvas for foundation, preventing it from sliding off:

Despite never having a problem with oily skin, I use this stuff religiously as it really makes your foundation stick. However, at $27 for just an OUNCE of the stuff - it's pretty expensive.

I've found an alternative - one that'll cost you $3 for a whopping 26 ounces of pretty much the same stuff (if you get the Walmart equate brand, which is identical in ingredients with just a new label slapped on):

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You heard right - Milk of Magnesia, found in the laxative section!! I read somewhere that models use this stuff to prep their faces for foundation AND eyeshadow. Just apply some to a damp face, leave on for 2 minutes, and wash off the excess!  This also has an advantage the Smashbox Antishine doesn't - it draws out impurities in the skin. At only $3 for the whole bottle, I had to try the stuff and it left my skin with the tightness the Antishine gave me for a fraction of the price!! I'll do both the Milk of Magnesia AND the Antishine (followed with foundation, and then powder) if I'm going to a big party or wedding or something for ultimate staying power. But this stuff is definitely powerful enough on its own!
Do you have any tricks to make your makeup last? Know of any bathroom items that can be substituted for the expensive stuff?