Thursday, October 15, 2009

Favorite fragrances

Juliet once said: "...that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet..."  Did you know that the brain - out of all the senses - remembers scent the most?

I LOVE perfume. It's like an addiction. Thank God I'm the pickiest when it comes to choosing it though, cuz perfume is deff an expensive hobby. I was at Ulta the other day for their weekly specials (and Halloweeen fake eyelashes lol) and when I walked past the registers I got a whif of something that smelled amazing. I was thinking, "How nice to work somewhere that smells like THAT all the time." When I brought up my purchases to the counter, I asked the cashier, "Ok - I HAVE to know - WHAT is it that smells soooooooo good up here?" She said, "Well I'm wearing Idole d'Armani - is that it?" I walked over, smelled the perfume bottle and yep - that was it. I bought it on the spot. I sprayed it on myself, and at first it was a little sweet. But after a few minutes it dampens to a cross between a musky, fresh, and floral scent. I actually don't like musky at all - so I'm leaving this as my fall/winter scent. My credit card for some reason still smelled like that the following day at work and my coworker said, "OMG WHAT is that smell? It smells sooooo good!" Lol and the cycle repeats. I'm wearing it right now and CANNOT stop smelling myself!!

Some of my other favorite fragrances - most of them tend to the floral/fresh/feminine side:
  • Pink by Victoria's Secret (the first one I ever bought!! Extremely floral, a very girly scent)
  • Chance Eau de Fraiche by Chanel - the GREEN colored one, NOT the yellow one (the yellow one smells like poison shit, the green one smells very fresh, clean, and summery)
  • Raulph Lauren Romance (another clean fresh and feminine scent)
I also love (but do not have in my collection):
  • DKNY Be Delicious (the green apple)
  • Clinique Happy Heart
  • Christian Dior J'Adore
GAHHH I CANT STOP SMELLING MYSELF!!! ^___________^ Anyone have any scents that are MUSTS in their collections?

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  1. Be Delicious is totally one of my favorite perfumes too! cheers!