Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cold Weather Fashion - pea/trench coats

Chicago's got THE worst cold weather - even people who come from the far North say it isn't as bad where they're from as it is down here in Chicago because the wind is what really bites you - through the clothes and everything. When I went to school at University of IL at Chicago, I braced myself by always wearing leggings underneath my jeans.

But what about fashion? Finding a fashionable coat that keeps warm is near impossible. Personally, I'm a huge fan of pea and trench coats - I think they're so classy and timeless, and regardless of the fashions that seem to come and go so quickly, pea and trench coats never go out.  Whether worn with heels and a dress, or with jeans, boots, and a sweater - these coats always look good!

And I found a SUPER cute one on Overstock! It's by Miss Sixty and is made of wool.  It can be buttoned like this:

Or like this:

For fun in this pic I added my earmuffs - they are SOOOO WARM and soft. They're made of rabbit fur - I thought I lost them at a store once while shopping and went berserk til I found another pair just like them (but ended up finding the orginal ones ^__^). I love them because often times a hat will ruin the hairstyle I'm wearing - but earmuffs help sustain my hairdo just fine :) These can be purchased here.

As for the coat - I get compliments everywhere I go whenever I wear it - work, school, the store and both by strangers and friends. My qualm was that the buttons didn't seem very secure so I'll be running over them with a needle and strong thread to guarantee I don't lose one. Also, it's not the warmest thing (of course not -__-') so I'll only be wearing it during the mild fall/winter days. I have a puffy jacket that's hotter than a furnace which will get me through the deathly winter. But otherwise, this coat is super cute!! It can be purchased here (NOT FAIR! I got mine for 109.99!! Of course it would go down to $85.00 AFTER I got mine!! GRR!!). Shipping is only $3!! (Hurry and snag this one - overstock runs out of stuff fairly quickly.)

Also, my friend Jessica over at Sugarsticks posted her pictures from her weekend and I did a double-take when I saw this loveliness securing her scarf:

A craftsman on Etsy handmakes these beautiful pins to secure shawls and scarves - and they are just adorable! If he lists a butterfly in mountain mahogany I'll be sure to snag it ^__^.

Supposedly this winter will be the snowiest and coldest Chicago's seen for a while (link), and nothing is worse than shivering to death while just trying to get through the day's normal activities. And considering snow shoveling will soon BE one of those activities, I will make sure I do it comfortably and in style - or freeze trying!!

Do you have any tips for looking cute while staying warm - without looking like a marshmallow?


  1. as Christian Bale would say... "Nice coat."

    i remember last winter downtown walking to the train station after getting out of work it was -33ºF. the wind was so brutal that it was eating right through my jeans and pajamas i was wearing underneath

    for any cold weather i'm in, i employ using layers, since air has one of the lowest thermal conductivities. so instead of finding just one warm cute coat, u could just wear several warm materials underneath and gauge as to how much doesn't make u look bloated :)

    and hey, who said u couldn't look cute while looking like a marshmallow? :P

  2. Once again I'm envious of your Epic Winters. Nothing I love more than layer upon layer of thick snow. But of course, you would find a way to look adorable regardless of the weather. The zombie apocalypse happens and people are roaming the earth in rags and animal skins - and yet Annette would find a way to put together some cute little outfit to make all the other survivors look stupid. LOL. Great blog, kitten. It's good to hear you discuss a subject you know all too well.

  3. Ah men are commenting my page - pea coats look good on guys too ya know! Look at the Boondock saints :)

  4. Agreed. I told Max that he must get a pea or something similar for himself this that I can drool over it.

    PS--Winter is my favorite. I'm ready for the snow!

    You should post about winter hats! lol I'm a sucker for a good hat (and we do have matching ones, you know...)