Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cinema Bizarre

I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! Not really a fan of Space Cowboy (the one wearing the hat with curly dark hair and eyes - he's reminiscent to me of Borat), but these men are super pretty - if only more men in this world put as much effort into the way they looked as these guys! Anyway, I really only wanted to share this vid - I love everything about it, the beat, the style, their makeup (they look so unreal!), and just the overall vibe they give off! And NO I'm not crushing on them or anything, I've never been one to go gaga over people I'll probably never get a chance to meet in reality. Honestly, I simply appreciate and admire their effort and unique style. What do you think?  Agree with me on this one or not so much?

And no worries - I'll have a proper blog coming soon :)

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