Saturday, September 26, 2009

My first real blog :)

Hi everyone!! I never know what to say on these things...I always feel like the first blog is the most awkward. Once you're on your 30th blog it's all smooth sailing - it's easy to branch off from a subject or even from ideas commenters have posted. But the first blog makes me nervous - eeek! I'm just going to jump in! ^__^

I'm a huge blog reader and commenter. I saw Kandee Johnson's videos on youtube and followed them to her blog. When I saw that my comments to select blogs of her's ended up being so long they should've been put into a blog of their own, I finally came up with the not-so-brilliant idea that I should create a blog of my own haha. Technically I guess facebook or myspace were my first blogs. But I never felt those were as fun as blogspot, hence why I carried onto here.

Copied and pasted from a portion of my about me section (since none of you ever read those anyway :P):
I love makeup and DIY things. I'm huge into accomplishing something without spending loads of money/time - that's just an excuse though. I think the real reason is because I appreciate the creativity that goes into finding an alternate route to reach the same destination (being more efficient and saving a couple bucks are just bonuses ^__^).
I really love to prettify people/things whether it be myself, others, or things around me. I've always found beautiful people fascinating. This has been a constant question on my mind - WHAT is it that makes someone beautiful? Hair? Eyes? Geometry of their face? Effort? Don't get me wrong - there is FAR more to life than beauty. But I've struggled to understand this my entire life. This blog - along with other tips, tricks, and random ramblings - is dedicated to this subject.

I always welcome making new friends - and what better way than to start a blog and bounce ideas of similar interest back and forth? :) Whether you're an old pal or a complete stranger - I'd love to hear from you! Thus, if anyone has any comments/questions (or even ideas for makeup! I'm not a makeup artist but I worked at Ulta for 2 years and have read up on tons!) to help me get the ball rolling, please comment and let me know!!

Your friend,

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